No photo saved on the SD card?

Format the SD card before using it:

    13MP Camera(upto  32GB) :FAT32
    16MP Camera(upto  64GB) :WINDOWS – FAT32 / MAC OS – exFAT
    18MP Camera(upto 128GB):WINDOWS – FAT32 / MAC OS – exFAT

    Check Before Use

    1.Confirm that the Micro SD Card is inserted into the adapter and is unlock.

    Format the SD with the following setting:

    - MAC OS -

    1.Click Disk Utility

    2.Select your SD card or hard drive, and press the "Erase" button.

    3.Select the format MS-DOS (FAT32)

    4.After confirming, press the "Erase" button.


    - Windows OS -

    1.Right-click on your memory card or hard drive.

    2.Select the Fat32 (Default) format.

    3.Press OK to erase all data on the SD card.


    Replace the batteries with new ones.
    When using rechargeable batteries, just connect the camera to a USB plug / Power bank with the USB cable to charge. The green LED on the side will light up during the charging, and will go off after the charging is complete.