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:: Paper Camera Bag :: 3 Colors *Fit Paper Camera only

:: Paper Camera Bag :: 3 Colors *Fit Paper Camera only

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*Fit Paper Camera only


What's Included

CameraBag x 1
CameraStrap x 1
FittingBag x 3

Camera Size and Weight

Length: 118mm
Width: 82mm
Weight: 21g

Length: 109mm
Width: 70mm
Weight: 22g

Length: 50mm
Width: 30mm
Length: 35mm

Width: 30mm
Length: 30mm
Width: 28mm

Package Size and Weight​

Length: 180mm
Width: 146mm
Thickness: 30mm
Weight: 120g

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  • Creative

    Make your one-and-only digital camera.

  • Simple

    Point & Shoot On-Shoot-Off one-button design .

  • Eco-Friendly​

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