Upgrade on Windows OS

You need to prepare the following items.

camera board USB Type C
Camera Board Original manufacturer's transfer cable (if using other cables, please ensure they have transfer capability). Computer with Windows OS
SD Card Reader & SD Card
Please make sure to use a card reader to access files.
Charger or portable power bank.
Do not use computer power supply, as it may not provide sufficient voltage and could result in non-operation.

Check Before Use

Confirm that the Micro SD Card is inserted into the adapter and is unlock.


1.Format the SD with the following setting:

*Right-click on your memory card or hard drive.

*Select the Fat32 (Default) format.

*Press OK to erase all data on the SD card.


2.Download the latest firmware update.


3.Unzip the " FW96565A.bin " files to the memory card.


4.Insert the SD card with "FW96565A.bin" files into the camera.

5.Plug the camera into the power source and pay attention to the indicator light.

**Please be especially cautious not to use a computer or laptop as the power source.


6.Wait until the light flashes and remains steady (approximately 1-3 minutes). #Please be patient.


7.After the update is completed, use the "card reader" to remove all files from the SD card.

Please double-check to ensure that there are no files on the memory card. If files are not deleted, you will need to repeat step 5.

8.Enjoy your Papershoot camera!