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clear-cased camera CROZ comes in special jade edition stripped to the bare essentials

clear-cased camera CROZ comes in special jade edition stripped to the bare essentials

update 23/04/2019: since this article and kickstarter campaign was originally published, promoting the project, taiwanese digital lomography brand paper shoot has gone a long way. its latest collaboration with taiwan’s national palace museum reveals a special edition of the CROZ camera in jadeite cabbage, with an equal emphasis on simplicity as the original.


(this article was originally published on may 8 2017). taiwanese photography company paper shoot have collaborated with hyle design—a startup from macao—to create to clear-cased CROZ camera. the duo literally strip camera-design back to its bare bones, using a clear acrylic case to show the internal features of the device. powered by a couple of AA batteries, CROZ sets out to reduce photography back to fun, simplifying the digital camera into a 48g device that incorporates just an on/off button which doubles up as a shutter clicker, and one additional switch to let you switch between the  normal, black & white, sepia and blue filters that the camera offers.



CROZ shifts the focus back to the inner elements of the camera, arriving disassembled in a kit. the pack comprises largan precision 5 MP lens, provided by the same vendor responsible for the built-in cameras on apple devices. intended to pop the fun back into photography, the device also comes with a fish eye lens an a wide angle lens.

the clear-cased camera reintroduces the excitement of film photography into a digital device, doing away with the preview screen meaning that photos can again be a surprise to view. the camera comes a wooden case should you wish to cover up its inner elements, and can be put together in 4-6 simple steps.


‘CROZ is designed to be simple and straight forward – it is a digital camera, period,’ paper shoot explains. ‘there are no mind buzzing functions to mess around with so that you can simply focus on being creative and capturing the views.’





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company: paper shoot

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