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The collection of ”Jadeite Cabbage” at the National Palace Museum was a concubine’s
dowry in Qing Dynasty, representing fertility and purity.
Paper Shoot brings the imagination and creativity into the design of this camera. The product
is created with fluid resin technique to resemble the pattern of jade. The internal structure of the
camera is faintly visible through the semi-translucent resin surface. With the dazzling gloss of itself, the camera manifests the beauty of the Qing Dynasty. We would like to present you a
perfect combination of ancient Chinese aesthetics and modern technology.



4 Color Fliter

”  Through four different filter modes – Generate a unique photography experience  “

What’s Included

1 Camera board
1 Camera case
1 Strap
1 32GB SD memory card
1 Type-C USB cable
2 plastic and 2 brass fasteners
Special Effect Lens x 2 (Radom)
*AAA batteries are not included for shipping safety reasons

Product Size and Weight

Length: 11cm
Width: 7.5cm
Thickness: 1.7cm
Weight: 108g (without batteries)

Package Size and Weight

Length: 33.5cm
Width: 22.2cm
Thickness: 3cm
Weight: 622g (without batteries)

Special effects lens

Wide angle Lens

Macro Lens

Radio Effect Lens

Six Prism Lens

Fish eye Lens

Star Lens

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Funtion Card 1
Battery-Powered Recording

-Switch Mode-
(N) Color Photo
(O) B&W Photo
(S) Time-lapse
(B) 10 Sec Clip
Wooden Box Set

+ Memory Card 32GB
+ Effect Lenses x 2(Random)



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Weight 622 g
Dimensions 33.5 × 22.2 × 3 cm