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What is CROZ? 

CROZ is the crossing point of beauty and function. Produced by the Taiwanese innovator Paper Shoot and Macao's very own Hyle Design, CROZ carries the mission to raise pop photography to its next level.


Because life is not complicated. CROZ is designed to be simple and straight forward - it is a digital camera, period. There are no mind buzzing functions to mess around with so that you can simply focus on being creative and capturing the views.

Simplicity Rules

CROZ weighs only 48g (excl. batteries). It comes with just two switches - the on/off button serves as the shutter clicker and another switch to select between different photo effects.

There is also a blue blinker which reminds you to insert a SD card or informs you that an image has been captured.

In addition to its simplicity in design, CROZ camera offers cool creative effects with its inbuilt photo filters. These effects include Normal, Black & White, Sepia and Blue.

It also comes with a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens for those who want to do more in their pop photography.


Black & White



Two different lenses : Fisheye and Wide Angle 

Did we mention the case is exchangeable? 

The unique part about PaperShoot camera is the exchangeable case. Our case designers have been having so much fun creating different styles for every taste, and they would love you to experience that fun as well!

We are including a blank case in every shipment to our backers as a thank you for all our KICKSTARTER supporters, You can then unleash your own creativity! Share your design to our Facebook fan page, we will love to see it!

The Contents 

Unique transparent design camera set.

1*camera board, 1*transparent design case w/ front cover, 1*strap, 1*SD card(8GB for over 4,000 shots), 1* micro USB cable, 4*brass fastens, 1*Fisheye lens, 1*Wide angle lens, AAA batteries are not included for shipping safety reason. 

Camera and Lens bag for CROZ.

1*camera bag, 1*camera strap, 1*accessory bag(for two lenses or extra AAA batteries)

Luxury Wooden cases set. 

1*Rosewood case, 1*European ash case, 1*leather strap, 4*brass fasteners.  

CROZ in Wood

Nature lovers would love this special element we designed for CROZ.

One camera - unlimited creativity





How is the picture quality take from CROZ?

CROZ has a quality lens with a 5 mega pixel resolution for a decent 8x10 print and certainly more than enough for online sharing. 

But don't take our word for it, visit our facebook community and see a range of photos posted by our camera users:

How do I change the CROZ camera cover?

CROZ does not require any tools as the case can be easily changed by unscrewing the two fasteners, unfolding and then attaching the new casing.

Where to do I find out more details about the operation?

To find out more visit our website:

Does CROZ come with any warranty?

Yes, CROZ comes with a six months limited international warranty.

Can you describe more about dimensions and weight?

Without 2 AAA batteries, the size and weight is similar to that of a cassette tape.

How to use Wifi SD card with CROZ?

Just turn on the camera and follow the instruction provided by the Wifi SD card to export the photos.

What is the detail specification of CROZ?

ISO 100 ; Lens focal length 35mm ; Aperture f/2.8 ; Up to 300 shots with 2 AAA Alkaline cells

All internal processing algorithms were fine tuned “to satisfy most needs in daily life.”

If I want to buy the extra cases, where can I buy them?

Pls visit Paper Shoot website:

How can I contact the team behind CROZ?

You always can write to us at

Risks and challenges

As we have already completed the prototype development and testing stages, we currently don't have any concerns with regards to delivering the product as shown in the description. We have also worked tirelessly to make sure that we will be able to deliver CROZ by the promised date. As a result of these efforts, we have succeeded in finalising our manufacturing and fulfilment partners even before launching our Kickstarter campaign, and we have also already completed the component/material sourcing. All this combined with the excellent execution capability of our team members further reduces the chances of any unforeseen risks and challenges. 
Hence, as far as the risks and challenges are concerned we are very well prepared to prevent them in first place or tackle them in the eventuality we can't stop them. Instead we are concerned more about the unexpected delays that might arise due to factors that are beyond our control, like the time a government agency takes to approve the product etc. In case of any such unexpected delay, we will make sure that our backers are updated about any relative information in a timely fashion.