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PaperShoot FAQs

Turn PaperShoot Camera On/Off.

Turn On:

Press and hold the shutter button, located on the front of the camera for 3 seconds until the first LED light turns blue.


Turn Off:

Press and hold the shutter button for 5 seconds until the first LED light turns off.

*The camera will turn off after 90 seconds if not in use.


Take a Photo With the PaperShoot Camera.

Click the shutter button. The second LED light will flash blue for 2 to 3 seconds.

Once the camera beeps and the LED light stops flashing the photograph has been taken.

Photo Filters.

There are four photo effects:

Normal, Black & White, Sepia, and Blue.

The filters can be easily changed by flicking the photo filter switch left or right.


Batteries Requirements.

PaperShoot cameras require 2 AAA Alkaline batteries. (Rechargeable batteries are acceptable).

*Power-bank can provide power via micro USB port on the side of the camera.


Insert Batteries.

Open the case by unscrewing the fasteners and slide the batteries into the battery compartment.

Make sure to put the positive and negative ends of the batteries

in the correct direction. The camera will not turn on if the batteries are incorrectly installed.


Memory Card Requirements

PaperShoot Cameras require a standard SD memory card (up to 32 GB).

Photo Storage.

Up to 2000 photos can be stored on an 8G memory card.


Access Photos.

To view your photos do one of the following:

• Connect the camera to the USB port on your computer using the cable that came with your camera.

• Insert the camera's memory card into your computer's SD card slot.

• Insert the camera's memory card into a card reader and then connect the card reader to your computer.


Resolution and Format of PaperShoot Photos.

Each photo has 5,038,848 effective pixels with JPEG format.


Take Sharp Images.

• Ensure your lens is clean.

• Shoot in a well-lit environment.

• Keep the camera steady.

• Avoid direct light on the camera’s lens


Date Display.

No date is displayed on the photos.


Attach Neck Strap.

Use the fasteners on the camera to attach the neck strap.

PaperShoot Camera Care.

• Do not expose your camera to any form of water, including rain, moisture, dripping, or splashing.

• Do not subject the camera to excessive vibration, force, or pressure.

• Do not attempt to repair the camera by yourself.

• Keep small parts in a safe place and out of the reach of children under 5.


Customize a Camera.

• For enterprises, please send your request to

• For personal use, please download the AI file in the Customized Camera section and send back the AI file you designed or a picture to



Camera doesn’t turn on.

Connect the camera to the USB port on your computer using the cable that came with your camera. If the camera turns on, it’s not faulty. Try changing your batteries and ensure they are high quality.


Camera automatically shuts down.

Batteries are run-down and need to be replaced.


A continuously flashing LED light.

Batteries are run-down and need to be replaced.

Second LED light flashes continuously.

The memory card is full or there is no memory card inserted.

Both LED lights flash continuously.

The camera doesn't recognize the SD card.

1. The SD card is not inserted well, and must be reinserted.

2. The T-flash is not inserted into the adapter.


The camera can't read the SD card.

1. Format the SD card or try another SD card (under 32GB.

2. Unlock the SD card and try again. To unlock the SD card, set the lock slider on the card to

locked or unlocked. The down position will enable write-protection, locking the card. The up

position will unlock the card, enabling you to save and erase data on the card.


International Shipping

Payment currency.

All purchases are processed in New Taiwan Dollar (NTD). Please be aware of any exchange rate fees from your bank or credit card company.



According to the Taiwan Business Tax Act, we do not provide a Taiwanese receipt.


Shipping time.

Once your order is processed it should arrive with 5-14 business days.

Please note that international orders may be delayed by customs. Customers are responsible for any customs fees.



International orders are unable to be returned.