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Terms and Conditions

Product Warranty
The applicability of this warranty does not include product damage caused by unnatural external causes. If any of the following situations occur, then the product is not covered by PaperShoot camera board’s warranty:
Damage caused by accidents, vandalism, misuse, unauthorized disassembly, natural disasters or power problems.
Products purchased through distribution channels unauthorized by PaperShoot.
Product maintained or disassembled by unauthorized technical personnel.
Warranty label, product serial number or tamper label is modified, damaged or unclear.
The warranty period starts from the day of purchase.

PaperShoot’s warranty only applies to consumers who have purchased our company’s products through legal sales channels.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser who owns the PaperShoot camera board; this warranty is a non-transferable right.Your camera board is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for period of 6 months from the date of original retail purchase (Warranty Period). 

Camera board by Papershoot, there is a series legally applied and registered product trademarks attached on the packaging or on the product itself, which could be used for customers to identify original Papershoot products These trademarks enjoy all rights protected by the laws which cannot be used illegally and for counterfeit purpose.

Notice for Overseas Buyer

‧Paying Method: Credit Card Service.

‧We do not have returns service for overseas customer, please be assured that we will strictly check before sending.

‧Be sure to fill your English name and address as the recipient.

‧The checkout currency is New Taiwan Dollar.

‧According to Taiwan Business Tax Act, we will not provide Taiwan’s receipt (統一發票)  
   (Business Tax Act: for direct export of goods or services to the Overseas buyers doesn’t need to provide Taiwan’s receipt).

‧Once we send the parcel, the average processing time is 5-14 business days (approx.)
   The delivery time maybe extended in depends on the express delivery conditions and random inspection by the custom .
   If any customs duty payments, it should be processing by the dear buyers.