Only 80g in weight, dimension 10.6 cm x 6.6 cm, thick 1.2 cm. A portable camera to record every touching moment.
Four creative LOMO effects: classic LOMO, Black & White, Golden Memory, and Blue November. Three million megapixels: Photos can be printed on 12-inch paper, which is equivalent to A4 sizing.
The best moments in life normally come from one spontaneous moment. Don't think, just do. You will know how it looks like after taking the photos and uploading to the computer. Bringing back a certain nostalgia inherent in the traditional method of photography. (You can read the file via an attached mini USB cable or your personal Micro SD card)
Purchase one of our stock design cameras, or buy a blank cover, allowing you to customize and personalize with ease. We also make a customized camera for enterprises that will offer a unique and stylish gift.
Paper Shoot uses eco-friendly printing with soy ink on recycled papers. Outer box is also made of reprocessed corrugated paper.